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A Turn Key Solution | Supply Chain Consultants | Logistics Specialists 

​"A Turn Key Solution” are supply chain and logistics consultants who specialise in improving the performance of your entire supply chain or specific functional areas that may require review. Whether your strategy is to increase market share, create new market opportunities or simply to maintain your existing customer base, we focus on identifying improvement opportunities and work with you to implement these initiatives to achieve your strategic objectives.

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Our structured approach incorporates an initial assessment where we identify core problem areas and work with you to implement the right initiatives to improve supply chain performance.

Supply Chain and Logistics Improvement Programs

Supply Chain Strategy

Develop a more responsive and agile supply chain and logistics strategy. »

Inventory management

Control your inventory management more effectively and improve stock turns. »


Inbound Logistics

Improve inbound delivery performance by reducing leadtime & Cycletimes. »



Improve overall productivity by utilising space, resources and equipment efficiently. »


demand management

Become more profitable by providing your suppliers with more accurate demand forecasts.»


ERP capability

Not getting the most out of your ERP system? Find out how to improve your planning and increase response time.»



Poor productivity in your warehouse operation? Find out how to get more out of the wms system. »


Customer service

Low customer service levels due to disconnected business processes? Find out how to increase DIFOT. »


Supply Chain and Logistics experience

The experience and skill set of our team provides strategic, technical and operational substance which has been attained over many years working across different industry sectors by implementing significant change and improvements for our customers. Having implemented a number of initiatives as “Customers” provides our company first hand insight into our client's challenges and requirements. >>

Results based Supply Chain Consultancy

Several organisations have made significant advances as a result of our supply chain and logistics assessments and improvement programs.

  • Improved EBIT position
  • Reduction in COGS
  • Reduction in inventory levels
  • Reduction in total logistics and supply chain costs
  • Elimination of process waste
  • Improved planning and execution processes
  • Increased overall warehouse performance
  • Reduced inbound and outbound logistics costs
  • Increase customer service delivery performance
  • Improved inbound supplier delivery performance
  • Improvements in managing reverse logistics


Assessment Services

Consulting Services

improvement projects 

Demand Management 

Planning & Execution 


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