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Inventory procedures | A Turn Key Solution

An effective inventory management system will be supported by an inventory policy with procedures for each activity that are documented and followed by relevant stakeholders to ensure that the overall system will deliver the right outcomes for your organisation.

As an inventory procedure manual will vary depending upon the nature of your business and the level of detail required, the following is an outline of the core areas of a typical inventory procedure manual.

Inventory Policy, Demand Planning process, Scheduling process, How to manage scheduled physical inventory, How to manage unscheduled physical inventory, Receiving procedure, Putaway process, Replenishment Process, Picking Process, Transfer process, Quality process, Despatch Process, Cycle count process, Stocktake Process, Reconciliation process, Inventory posting process, Accounts payable posting process, Rescheduling Inventory process, Item master maintenance, Bill of material maintenance, Routing maintenance, Cost maintenance, Kitting maintenance, Pallet control process, MRP Order process, MRO Replenishment process, Location maintenance process and Stock status process.

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We offer a range of assessments that are tailored to specific functions within your oganisation that require review. Depending on the scope of works or the scale of your organisation, our assessments are typically completed within 2 weeks of commencement for single site entities. Reference sites available on request.

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